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For your industrial, construction, or household scrap metal, we offer quick and effective scrap metal removal and recycling.

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Cash For Scrap Recycling Batteries In Melbourne

People dispose of millions of used batteries in landfills each year. The majority of Australians are unaware that recycling their storage batteries can result in a significant return. When not properly disposed of or recycled, most storage batteries pose a serious threat to human health and the environment.

Nearly 50 per cent of the new lead produced worldwide is generated by recycling old lead-based batteries. We at VIC Star Metals are experts in all aspects of battery and lead recycling, with a number of well-established systems and knowledge in place. Whether you are a Melbourne resident or a business owner, we offer cash for scrap recycling batteries in Melbourne.

Whether you are a Melbourne resident or a business owner, we offer cash for scrap recycling batteries Melbourne.

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  • Cash for Scrap Recycling Batteries
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Types Of Batteries We Recycle

Scrap Metal Recyclers

Our company buys all types of storage batteries and provides the highest cash for scrap recycling batteries in Melbourne. The following items are included in this category:

  • Lead acid batteries – sulphuric acid, lead, and plastic
  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Lithium batteries
  • Nickel-cadmium batteries
  • Mercury batteries
  • Zinc-carbon batteries
  • Alkaline batteries
  • Zinc-air batteries
  • Mobile phone batteries
  • Medical Batteries
  • Single-use batteries
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Nickel metal hydride batteries

By selling your scrap batteries to us for a price, you are also contributing to the sustainability of the environment.

Earn Great Cash For Scrap Recycling Batteries In Melbourne

Are there any car batteries that you no longer require? Would you be interested in recycling them in an effort to protect the environment while making some money? VIC Star Metals offers cash for scrap recycling batteries in Melbourne as an old car battery recycler. As a result of our team's efforts, we have developed a reputation for expediting the processing of customers' scrap and for paying for scrap as soon as the price is current. Our scrap battery prices reflect the current market price for batteries from trucks, cars, and other vehicles. Get a quote for any quantity of scrap batteries you might have from us for an updated scrap battery price. In addition, bulk quotes are available for larger quantities.

In order to remove your old batteries safely, our specialists will arrive at your home with the required tools and equipment.

As a result of VIC Star Metals' specialized vehicles in different sizes, we can ensure the safe removal of battery scraps at an affordable price. Basically, we have vehicles that are capable of transporting battery scraps of any size and quantity.

Moreover, we ensure the safe removal and transport of battery storage units to our office with the help of our vehicles.

Why Choose Our Car Battery Recycling Services?

Consider the pros and cons of recycling car batteries before making a decision. We provide Melbourne car battery recycling services that offer a variety of benefits that make the process worthwhile.

Besides being beneficial to the environment, recycling your old batteries and motors can also increase your income. It takes us as little as 15 minutes to recycle your car battery for money and pay you on the spot. Having received all the money and cleared up space on your property, you can sit back and enjoy!

If you leave dead batteries and motors lying around, they are useless to you. Rather than throwing away otherwise useful scrap metal items, take them to VIC Star Metals, where you will receive top dollar for them. By properly disposing of your dead batteries, hazardous materials are kept away from areas where they shouldn't be.

Whenever you give us old batteries for cash for scrap recycling batteries in Melbourne, you can rest assured that we recycle them efficiently and responsibly to minimise environmental impact.

When you bring us your scrap, all you will need to worry about is what you will do with the extra money.

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